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【Ingress】もう一度同じ選択を?あるいは…。リカージョン/RecursionのまとめこんにちはKitokito(@kitokitoworld)です。 2018年11月6日、ようやくリリースされたIngressの大型...





【Ingress】祝Ingress6周年!6周年記念のイベントでAPが倍にも!こんにちはKitokito(@kitokitoworld)です。 本日11月16日はIngressの正式リリース日!2018年でI...



OP Race2Eight SitRep
World record 0 AP to L8 speed run in 18 minutes 2.385 seconds.
Time lapse screen recording included.

Other stats:
1,108.87 AP per second
4.83 average seconds per link
224 links
424 fields
1,200,224 AP
18 minutes 45.813 seconds from recursed to 8

As soon as the ability to Recurse was announced I knew I was going to have to take a shot at speed leveling to L8. I knew I had to wait until after the SLC anomaly and anticipated double AP to be announced so I set the date for November 24th.

After the anomaly I drew up an AP engine with a 39 portal spine and started recruiting people to help with the prepwork to make things go quicker day of. A few days before the OP I realized I had to move my main anchor to improve the geometry of the field to be able to throw links faster. The spine portals needed to be moved around a bit and ended up with a total of 38.

One unexpected bonus of this year’s anniversary event was the reduction of portal cool down by 40% which made farming the over 600 keys much easier for RogueHellfyre and I. On the morning of the OP, agents justjaime, SR4FUN, BadGlad, and BatFinK762 met up with us at the main anchor to farm the final keys and to receive their capsule of keys to their respective portals.

With REDACTED watching on Intel, we all moved into position and were then cued to begin our assignments. After the final link of the field preparation was thrown around 2pm I went ahead and pressed the big red button to begin my Recursion. 18 minutes and 46 seconds later I threw my last link which completed the fastest run from 0 AP to L8 (during double AP).

RogueHellfyre was scheduled to throw the same fields an hour later once the inoculation wore off but due to an active Enlightened agent on site it had to be postponed. The next morning we went back out and repaired the spine and farmed the replacement keys as needed. She was able to Race2Eight in 22 minutes and 7.835 seconds.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped out and best of luck to the next agent who attempts a speed run from 0 to 8!

Comm timestamps:

14:02:57.633 [public] Recursed
14:03:41.061 linked Climb of Doom to In Memory of Carol and Wilson Wood
14:21:43.446 linked Western Redcedar to Fraser River Estuary

07:15:31.135 [public] Recursed
07:16:23.330 linked Bigleaf Maple to Eagles Nest Labyrinth Stone
07:38:31.165 linked Western Redcedar to West Beach





Anker PowerCore II 20000 (20000mAh 超大容量 モバイルバッテリー)【PowerIQ 2.0 / LED Wheel搭載】iPhone&Android対応(ブラック)




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